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The box art cover for South Park.

If you want some sort of reasonable answer after this, believe me, there's no reason whatsoever.

You remember the game "South Park" for Nintendo 64, it was one of my favorite childhood games. I remember first playing it since I was 12, I enjoyed the game's graphics, story and gameplay. I'm 17 years old now, and i still consider it to be one my favorites and it was also one the very first games I've ever played.


Ultra Mega Mega Man.

The story begins, as I was over at my cousin's place one night and was ready for bed. During slumber, I started to have a dream about the final boss battle on South Park, you know with "Ultra Mega Mega Man" and was in session of a fight with him. However, somehow I paused the game for some strange reason, then after ten measly seconds, I continued the fight with him. But as soon as I unpaused the game, a message came up and said from top to bottom: THE END, GAME OVER, and BEN..

I woke up from a fright, and noticed it was 12:00 am in the morning, I then drifted back to sleep..

The next morning, I decided to put my old copy of South Park into the Nintendo 64 and play the final boss stage and surprisingly, nothing went wrong. I don't know what BEN was trying to tell me in the dream, but I guess it's left unknown..