Plot, Characters, and Episodes,

Joseph and John


Plot: two main characters one which is Joseph the friendly one and the other John the dude looking for girls both these guys in a show together.


Joseph Bartus: the brother of John Bartus hew wants to hang with some dudes and hew has a Bodyguard and hew has Brown Hair, Wears Glasses, Wears Brown Busness Suit Thats Open, Wears a White Shirt, Wears a Red Tie, Wears Black Pants, and Black Shoes.

John Bartus: the brother of Joseph Bartus hew is trying to look for Friends and Chicks and has a Bodyguard and a character from John and Issac this time he has Blonde half Black Hair, Wears a Red Jogging Shirt, Brown Pants, and White Shoes.

Bodyguard: the Bodyguard of Joseph and John hew is also a F.B.I. agent and a Teacher from the School Joseph and John will go to and a Character from John and Issac He Has Blond Hair, Black Busness Suit, White Shirt, Blue Tie, Black Pants, and Black Shoes.

Lulu Daniels: a Girl Hew will Stop at Nothing to Loving John and a Character from John and Issac She has Brown Hair, Blue Jacket Open, Red Shirt, Black Pants, and Gray Shoes.

Jessica Trinadad: a Girl hew is a friend of Joseph Bartus and she has Blonde Hair, Pink Dress, Pink Neckless, Pink Wrist Band, and Pink Shoes.

Season 1Edit

1. T.V./0:33/Joseph and John watching TV and then a person knocks at the door but John Opens it and Bodyguard gives them a Package they Ordered.

2. Bodyguard is Moving in/0:40/Joseph and John lets Bodyguard move in.

3. Jessica moves to Nampa/0:42/Joseph and John and Bodyguard move in to a new house and Jessica moves to Nampa.

4. Joseph and John Get a Job/0:38/Joseph and John get a Job while Bodyguard looks at Top Secret Stuff.

5. Girl Advice/0:54/John comes back Sad cause he can't find any Chicks to Love so Joseph sends John over to the Donut Shop to talk to Jessica about Girl Advice.