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John and Issac is a cartoon series created on May 4, 2011. The show involves two sixth grade middle school kids named John Bartus, and Issac Correno.

The show's engine is powered by Go! Animate a cartoon company.

The show can be seen on johnswitchblade1234's channel (The same creator for John Bartus review series) List of John and Issac Characters:

John Bartus, is the black hair, gym wearing teen who likes to have fun with his friend Issac and doesn't like the girls Lulu and Ashlee. He also has a girlfriend named Tammy but dumped her for being a @#!*% and is now going out with a new girl named Lillie, who in turn was also dumped as well. As seen in Episode 47, he had a thing for "Rouge the Bat". He now has a soulmate from outer space named Nomi. John shares some similar traits with "Ted "Theodore" Logan".


Issac Correno, is the brown hair, jacket wearing teen who likes doing a lot of things with John like Spying, and Hanging out. Issac shares some similar traits with "Bill S. Preston Esquire".



Lulu Daniels, she is the sterotypical brown hair girl who dosen't like niether John and Isaac she likes Ashlee, Her Friend, only. It is revealed in Episode 51, that her nick-name is Lana.

Ashlee Waller, she is the pretty blonde who likes to hang out with her friend Lulu and dosen't like niether John and Issac.


PC Guy, the nerd teen who fixes computers and feels annoyed by John and Issac. As the series progressed, he developed a insane side-personality and is known as an enemy to the duo.

Bodyguard, the bodyguard of John and Isaac.

Chucky, a possesed doll who attempted to kill the duo on Halloween night, but was twarted by Issac's pet Owl and was flown away. It is revealed in Episodes 52, 53 and 54 that he was found in Space and seemed to have escaped the clutches of the Owl. John has tried to finish him off, but Chucky stabbed him in the back and escaped in a pod, leading to him still at large.


It is assumed he was shot in the head by John in Ep. 58, as revenge for stabbing him in the back.

Nomi, a space chick from the planet "Green Xoir Naboo, in search for a soulmate which ended with John.

Spike, a henchman of Chucky who helped the duo escape from outer space.

Rufus, The time-traveling mentor of John and Issac, he was sent to help the duo with their history presentation. He is also known for helping the duo "Bill and Ted" in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)" and "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (1991)".

On January 25, 2013. The final episode (Don't Know What You Have Til it's Away) offically ended the series.

On January 30th, 2013. The series was revived for a fourth season starting with the episode "John's Home Coming'.


List of John and Issac EpisodesEdit

Season One:


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1. John and Isaac Random Moments

2. John Bartus Dancing to I'll Do Anythng

3. Carmelldansen with John and Issac

4. Issac spys on Lulu in the Girls Locker Room

5. Lethal Weapon

6. Issac tries to fix Ashlee's Toilet

7. Lethal Weapon 2
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8. John Bartus gets an Award

9. John annoys P.C. Guy

10. John and Issac flirted with the Wrong girl

11. Vacation

12. Carmelldansen Everywhere

Season Two:

13. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

14. Back to the Future (or not?)

15. Back to the Future (Finally)

16. Back to the Future (Back in 2011)

17. Boring TV Show

18. AVGN movie

19. Bodyguard's office

20. Dinner at Olive Garden

21. John's Party

22. John fooling around with P.C. Guy

23. Anything new today?

24. Hanging out in the Cafe

Season Three:

25. Back to the girl's locker room

26. A Day at the shopping mall

27. The Delivery

28. A book on the Karma Sutra

29. In the Hallway

30. I'm Looking for Mike Hunt

31. Home Security

32. Getting Milk

33. What's for dinner at the resturant?

34. A New Change

35. Found Something

36. Don't Know What You Have Til it's Away

Season Four:

37. John's Home Coming

38. A Day on the Court

39. South Park Has Already Done That

40. Bogus Date

41. P.C. Guy Escapes

42. Catching the Perp

43. Falling

44. Fun in Issac's Garage

45. Until U Crashed

46. Renting Curse of Chucky

47. John's Hullucination

48. John and Issac's Halloween Special Pt. 1

49. John and Issac's Halloween Special Pt. 2

Season Five:

50. The Perfect Woman

51. Introducing John's New Girl

52. Going to Space

53. An Old Friend

54. Escape

55. At a Convention (Guest Star: Jim Carrey)

56. A Call from Relatives

57. Infected

58. Finding the Cure

59. Issac plays Grand Theft Auto V

60. Flunking History

61. Stalling Some Time

Season Six:

62. Help from a Friend

63. Entering the Circuits of Time

64. Future Society

65. Nomi Worries

66. Things Are Getting Closer Together