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John Bartus, the main character of the series

Welcome to the John Bartus (Youtube Series) WikiEdit

Welcome, if you want to watch the videos you'll find it right here on this link or if you want to see the list of episodes check "List of John Bartus episodes or just type it in on the search.

Show Info:Edit

The Series focuses on a (Then 14, 15,16 year old, now 17 years old) teen named John Bartus who reviews games either it's good or bad.

Viral Videos and History:Edit

Before starting his series, at the age of fourteen John made viral videos for starting his acting career. From episodes 1 - 72 he used a laptop camera, then he started using an actual video camera he got on Christmas for episode 73 and will continue using it for the rest of his episodes. John also has made other series like Teen Movie Critic, Angry Fhilipino Geek, and Monster Craziness as well as it's sequel show Sequel-A-Thon, but also has series in cartoon format like John and Issac, AVGN as based on the Angry Video Game Nerd which he has put into cartoon format style episodes from releated episodes. His brother, Joseph Bartus, plays the villians in some episodes, but has played a hero once named JosephYagi in The Karate Kid epsiode. Also, John has done movie reviewing as himself and in one John Bartus episode he does a review of Magazines instead of game-based stuff. In 2011, he made a website called "Twisted Brain Film' and it's also the company he found.

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